How To Make Probiotic Yogurt

Below is a video on how to make probiotic yogurt.

It is a only about 5 minutes long and the instructions are very simple.

You can make probiotic yogurt from your home by following the advice in the video.

By making probiotic yogurt yourself you will be able to preserve the culture life of the antibiotics and save money instead of having to purchase brand names at the store.

Yogurt is processed milk. It is in this cultured milk that you are able to get your dose of “good bacteria” that is beneficial to your body. Knowing how to make probiotic yogurt is an advantage because although there are yogurt you can purchase in stores, these servings are challenged with how to keep the good bacteria alive with the challenge of shelf life, and the additional preservatives.

The longer the yogurt gets stored the higher the probability of the good bacteria dying off. A good probiotic yogurt should have at least 100 million in bacterial-count so that it will still reach your colon and aid digestion. There is a lot of probiotic yogurt available in stores that you can just add to your heated milk. Just make sure that the pack you are getting contains live culture like the Lactobacillus acidophilus and Streptococcus thermophilis. These two are the most common bacteria that most yogurts should have. You can throw in your mashed fruit for your own favorite flavor.

Having yogurt as part of your daily dietary intake is beneficial to your health. This will not just aid during the digestion process and even ease loose bowel movement but also yogurt is a good source of antioxidants like vitamins A, E and D. Calcium, the mineral we need for building strong bones is also very high in yogurt.

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