Probiotic Yogurt and Antibiotics

Bacteria exist in most parts of the human body and while an abundance of them can cause a serious illness, having too few bacteria in the body can increase vulnerability to illness. Probiotics are a live culture of bacteria that occur naturally in food and when consumed by a person can actually bring some benefit. Probiotic yogurt and antibiotics which destroy all forms of bacteria have therefore become associated with each other.

Antibiotics are substances that slow down the growth of bacteria and kill them. They are substances that are produced by microorganisms and prove detrimental to other microorganisms that form bacteria when used in diluted form. Antibiotics can also be made from synthetic compounds like sulfonamides. Modern day antibiotics are a combination of natural compounds and synthetic materials. Antibiotics however tend to destroy all bacteria even those that are considered beneficial to health. This can cause yeast infections, urinary infections and irritable bowel syndrome.

Probiotics when taken along with antibiotics helps to address the problem of the creation of healthy bacteria that is a necessity in the human body. Yogurt is a natural product that is the result of bacterial action produced from live culture and has always been considered as a food that is probiotic. However, the addition of lactobacillus makes the curd truly probiotic. Probiotic curd and antibiotics have therefore become synonymous for effective treatment of infections.

Probiotic curd can take some time to become effective and doctors always recommend that the consumption of the probiotic yogurt is continued for some time even after the infection as subsided, so that the body balance of good and bad bacteria is properly maintained.

While the concept of probiotics is now something that has got the popular mind, the practice of consuming such live bacteria from cultured food and dairy products has been around for centuries. Ayurveda, an old science originating in India, is over 4000 years old and is a form of traditional healing that has extensively used yogurt as one of its traditional remedies. The bacterium in yogurt helps to decompose protein and thus allow the amino acids so essential for health to be easily absorbed by the digestive system. They also help to predigest lactose in milk. Probiotic yogurt has also been known to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It also contains other nutrients like folic acid and Vitamin B. The use of antibiotics in treating infection has led to strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. The use of probiotic curd and antibiotics does however redress this balance to some extent, because of the constant production of good bacteria.

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