Probiotic Yogurt Side Effects

Irritable bowel movements and indigestion are the few cases that probiotic yogurt can aid. While it is true that yogurt contains “good bacteria” that will be beneficial to your body especially in digestive problems, the old adage “too much of something is bad” still holds true. There are cases wherein if a person consumes too much of this “good bacteria” they instead experience probiotic yogurt side effects.

There are a lot of bacteria contained in one serving of yogurt and some ranges from two to three classes in one yogurt type. Some of these bacteria however are not easily welcomed by others’ digestive tract that instead of aiding in digestion problems, they experience the feeling of being bloated and they’ll have gas. These are just two of the usual probiotic yogurt side effects. Milder cases like these shouldn’t be ignored as that would mean that your stomach is not happy with the probiotic yogurt you are eating. There are cases wherein probiotic yogurt side effects are too severe that it needs to be treated with antibiotics. Other side effects are gene transfer and unhealthy metabolic activities. Just because you are having side effects from eating yogurt doesn’t mean that the entire content of the product is not good. There may be certain bacteria on the yogurt you are eating that your stomach is not reacting positively.

When you know that you are not that tolerant with yogurt but you still want to consume a minimal amount of it, it is best that you do your research first on the brand that might be fitting for your body. Better yet, you might want to speak with a medical professional so you will get the best opinion. Yogurt though healthy, can sometimes pose threats to your body so it’s better that you know your body first before ingesting it.

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