Probiotic Yogurt Starter

Yogurt is fermented milk with lactic bacteria. These bacteria are good for the health and can help ease any gastrointestinal issues however not all the bacteria in yogurt are able to thrive and last for a long time in the cultured milk. By law yogurt by the time that it is marketed should have a bacterial count of 10 million bacteria per gram but as the yogurt ages, the bacteria also dies thus it’s no longer that beneficial to your body. That being said, it is to your advantage if you always get your yogurt fresh.

Looking at the packaging and expiration of the yogurt you bought doesn’t really secure its being fresh and new. It would be best instead to just make your own probiotic yogurt to ensure that you are getting the freshest serving. By using a probiotic yogurt starter, you are not just making your serving of yogurt, you are also getting as much cultured bacteria at its recommended bacterial count. This probiotic yogurt starter comes in different forms but majority are manufacturing it in powdered state. Most of these are highly concentrated so just a small dosage should be added on the yogurt you are making. There are various yogurt makers available for your convenience or you can get instructional procedures on how to make it online. When choosing a yogurt starter, choose the one that has over 100 million bacteria count so that when you make your probiotic yogurt you are assured that a numerous amount of bacteria will still survive to reach your colon.


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