Sugar Free Probiotic Yogurt Will Maintain A Healthy Digestive System

A sugar free probiotic yogurt is considered the best kind of yogurt to buy. Yogurt which has live and active cultures is considered the healthiest. They contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which are living organisms or bacteria. These organisms make yogurt probiotic.

Yogurt is made by introducing the live culture to heated milk. The milk then ferments and becomes yogurt. The live cultures strengthen a person’s immune system helping people to stay healthy or fight illnesses. When yogurt is reheated after fermentation, the bacteria are killed, destroying some of its health benefits. This type of yogurt would no longer be classified as probiotic.

The National Yogurt Association has introduced a special seal so shoppers will know if the yogurt they are buying has live and active cultures, or is probiotic. This seal is voluntary so not all manufacturers use it on their product. Yogurt which has the seal is easily identified by a shopper who is looking for a sugar free probiotic yogurt.

Refrigerated yogurt using the LAC (live and active cultures) seal must contain a minimum of 100 million cultures per gram after it is manufactured and frozen yogurt must contain a minimum of 10 million cultures per gram. This seal guarantees the quality of the product for a shopper looking for probiotic yogurt.

Not all yogurt with the LAC seal is sugar free. A shopper who wants a sugar free yogurt, which is by far the healthiest, must also check the ingredients after finding a product with the LAC seal. When sugar has been added to the product it should be listed as one of the ingredients.

A sugar free probiotic yogurt will strengthen a person’s digestive system helping them to get more nourishment from the food they consume. A probiotic food does the exact opposite of an antibiotic. The antibiotic kills bacteria in the stomach, which in-turn weakens the person’s immune system. A person taking antibiotics is no longer able to digest food as efficiently as before taking the medicine. This results in them getting less nourishment.

Many dietitians recommend eating yogurt. One reason they recommend it, is to counteract the effects of antibiotics. Good probiotic yogurt, which contains live and active cultures, will help a person’s digestive system to be restored, after the damaging effects of taking antibiotics.

Natural sugar free yogurt will help everyone stay healthy. People who are sick will have a better chance of recovering more quickly as a result of eating probiotic yogurt. Yogurt will help keep a person’s digestive system working efficiently, resulting in better health.

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