What Does Probiotic Yogurt Do?

Yogurt is a great snack that is reasonably priced and moderately healthy. Recently, researchers have discovered that yogurt can also increase your life span, among other things. There are many yogurt makers that boast including probiotics, which are live microorganisms that promote the health of their host organism, in their product. The question is whether or not probiotic yogurt is actually beneficial to your health. What does probiotic yogurt do?

Yogurt is a dairy product that has fermented. To make it, bacterias are added to milk, which causes lactic acid to form. This process gives yogurt its distinct tart flavor and its unique pudding consistency. Probiotics are a type of bacteria that are beneficial to your body. The term “probiotic” means “for life.” It makes sense, then, that introducing these bacterias into your diet can have a positive effect on your health and wellness.

Probiotic yogurt provides a number of benefits to its consumer. One, it helps you live longer by fortifying the system in your body that fights disease. By boosting your immune system, it decreases the likelihood of you contracting an immune-resistant disease. Another related benefit for women is that it helps fight against vaginal yeast infections.
This product also aids with cholesterol issues. It has the potential to lower LDL (bad) levels and raise HDL (raise) levels. Weight management is another area that is affected; eating calcium-rich foods, like yogurt, not only helps you maintain your body’s fat levels, but also to decrease them if they are too high.

Since it is a dairy product rich in calcium, probiotic yogurt also encourages bone growth. This fact is due to a protein found within milk called lactoferrin, which increases the activity and growth of osteoblasts (responsible for making bone cells). Not only does this protein boost the productivity of osteoblasts, but it also reduces the speed of time it takes for the cells to die by as much as seventy percent. Other benefits of this product include prevention and treatment of arthritis, reduction of the risk of developing certain cancers, prevention of ulcers, the increase of fresh breath, and the increased possibility of a healthy mouth.

So what does probiotic yogurt do? It helps you lose weight, fight disease, maintain good cholesterol levels, and build stronger bones; basically, it helps you maintain a healthy level of wellness. The logical conclusion, then, is that everyone should add a healthy serving of probiotic yogurt to his or her diet.

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