Benefits of Probiotic Yogurt

Here is a list of the benefits of probiotic yogurt:

* Probiotics – are the bacteria that help you improve your digestion.

* They also improve your immune system. Probiotics are known as the “good bacteria.”

* In addition to probiotics most yogurts contain nutrients such as: potassium, calcium, vitamins, and magnesium.

* Probiotic yogurt also contains a lot of protein and not very little amount of fat. Protein helps the body build muscle and lose weight.

* One major benefit of probitic yogurt is that it can reduce your risk of osteoporosis because of a high calcium content.  The amount of calcium you in take per serving is very high compared to other snacks.

* It is also an all natural remedy to cure yeast infections. The healthy bacteria probiotics fight off the infection. Also when applied it soothes the skin to stop burning or itching sensations.  It is a very beneficial all natural remedy.  Most probiotic yogurts do not contain additives and are very low in sugar.

* The next benefit of probiotic yogurt is that it can reduce your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure.  The magnesium found in probiotic yogurt may prevent high blood pressure.

* It can prevent a number of conditions including colon cancer, constipation, lactose intolerance, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Probiotic yogurts contain many healthy benefits as listed above. You can add in just about any fruit, sweeteners, honey, nuts, etc…to get the taste you prefer in your nutritious snack.

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