What Is Probiotic Yogurt?

Today a term being talked about in the health and food industry is probiotics. But what is probiotic yogurt anyways? Probiotics are a type of “good” bacteria. This particular bacteria helps improve the immune system and helps with digestion. You can pick up probiotic foods in your local grocery store or convenience mart. They are also sold as supplements.

The cultures in these types of foods work in the intestines and are symbiotic with your body. Found most often in yogurts these micro-organisms help to fight off disease that can make you sick. They fight off the “bad” bacteria by developing protein that kills “bad” bacteria off. Our bodies do not have the ability to create these types of bacteria. That is why many people choose to eat probiotic foods such as probiotic yogurt.

Probiotic yogurt and other foods that are fermented could contain cultures. You can pick them up most often in the dairy section of your grocery store. Check the label and it will say if they contain probiotics or may even give you a culture count.

Sometimes when we take antibiotics or other medicines it kills the good bacteria in our bodies tryin got fight off the sickness or bad bacteria. That is why we need to get the good bacteria back into our bodies. You don’t have to eat probiotic foods. If you want to go the simple route you can just take a supplement.

There are different types of bacteria in these foods such as Lactobacillus. It is been proven to be the most effective at helping improve the immune system and promote good health.

One thing to note is that when you buy a probiotic food is to check and see how much cultures it contain. You can check this by looking at the label for CFU. CFU is colony forming units. You want anywhere from one billion to five million in your food or supplement. You can ask your doctor for more information and what brands he/she recommends.

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